Maintenance services provided

  • Every other week visit for a total of 26 visits per year– our service is as follows, one time we service the front of your home, the next visit we service the back of your home. Special request may accepted, speak to your landscaper upon arrival.
  • Trimming of all bushed and trees
  • Fertilizing of all bushes and trees
  • Bug control as needed– borer beettle not included in this service but can be included for a minimal additional charge
  • Rake and blow to keep yard free of debris
  • Maintain sprinkler/irrigation systemincludes timer adjustment as necessary, and adjustment of heads as needed. Please note that this does not mean each time we are at your home/business we check your irrigation system. We will troubleshoot if appearance of property has changed. Labor and parts additional for repairs)
  • Spray yard for weeds as needed
  • Mow and edge lawns
  • Fertilize, weed and bug control of lawns
  • Aerating & dethatching available for an additional charge

Yard care services provided

  • Free estimates
  • Existing landscape renovation
  • Addition of rock to your existing landscape
  • Quarterly service available
  • One time service available
  • Borer beetle treatment
  • Palm tree skinning (palm trees over 18' cannot be done)
  • Fruit tree trimming and fertilizing (performed late winter/early spring)
  • Dead tree removal (large stump removal not available)
  • 2 part weed removal
  • Planting of new trees and plants

Lawn care maintenance

  • Mow and edge lawns
  • Winter over-seeding of lawns
  • Fertilize lawns– includes 2 treatments per year, if you wish to treat additional, additional charge will apply.
  • Weed & bug control– treatment of weed and bug control not included in this service but can be included for a minimal additional charge.

*aerating & dethatching available for an additional charge*

We take every precaution to insure that all of your plants and trees live, however we are not responsible to replace any plant or tree that dies due to circumstances beyond our control.