Thread-leaf coreopsisHi there! Welcome to part II of Summer Flowers. Check out more of Organic Gardening's best summer flower picks, below:

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SONY DSCWhat are the best flowers for the summer? Check out Organic Gardening's list, below:

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podsHave you ever wondered what those pods are on your palm tree? Check out this article below:

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Watering plantsThe thought may seem odd for us desert folks, but are you watering your plants too much? Check out, 7 Signs of Over Watering Plants, for some quick indicators that your plants are gulping too much water.

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heatWouldn't you say it gets pretty hot in Lake Havasu during the summer? If you are worried about keeping your plants alive and thriving during this summer, check out How to Keep Plants Alive in Intense Heat, below:

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Hi everyone! Are you looking for a bright and cheery way to spruce up your yard? Check out, You Can Have the Prettiest Yard on the Street, below!

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Rhododendron_02Welcome to Part II of Flowering Shrubs. Check out the rest of the flowering shrubs that made the top 10 list below:

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Hi there readers! Welcome to Part I of Flowering Shrubs. Are you interested in shrubs that have beautiful blooms? We thought we'd share the top 10  found in Top 10 Flowering Shrubs. Check it out below:

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Good evening readers!

You have probably heard the word, "pruning". But, what does this mean? How often should you prune? Are desert plants different? Check out Pruning Desert Plants, below to find out!

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gravel-icon1Hello there readers! You may be wondering if gravel in your yard is a good idea or not…Check out these three reasons from The Benefits of a Gravel Yard:

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portulaca01Thanks for joining us for part II of What to Plant in Summer. Today we will post the last of Southern Living’s, 1o Plants that Beat the Summer Heat, so your garden can stay blooming all summer long!



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black-eye-susan-lWant plants that will be tough enough to beat the heat? For our next two posts we are going to share 10 plants that will stand the heat and leave your yard looking beautiful!

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palmsTake a look at a Havasu skyline, and you’ll notice something. Palm trees! There are tons of them in this town. Here is some information that will explain how palm trees flourish and what they need. Check it out!


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Spraying-WeedsQUICK TIP OF THE DAY: Spray, don’t pull!


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Save Some Water!

In the desert, plants that don’t require a lot of water are perfect for sustainable landscaping.Top Ten Desert Plants for Sustainable Landscapes will get you started on a landscaping path to water savings! Check it out:

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