"Benefits of a Health Lawn (Lawn America)

Soil Quality

A healthy lawn prevents erosion by water or wind and the loss of valuable topsoil-less mud and dust in the house. If you've ever moved into a new home before it was sodded, you'll know what I mean!


There can be no argument that a beautiful lawn is immediately pleasing to the eye and relaxing in its appearance. Lawns help to soften and reduce reflected light-less glare.


While some may scorn its needs, others fine lawn maintenance requirements an excellent opportunity to enjoy reasonable exercise and a diversion. Homes, sports fields, and parks with healthy grass acts as a cushion to reduce shock and potential injury


Appraisers estimate that a well-landscaped and maintained lawn adds 7% to the value of residential property. A recent Gallup survey concluded that a 15% increase in selling price can be realized when the home is nicely landscaped."

(Image Credit: Flickr/ edenpictures)