"What Are the Benefits of Professional Yard Clean-up?

When the rigors of cleaning up the yard threaten and you don’t have the time or the inclination, it’s time to call in the pros for some assistance. Of course, you could handle a rake and a shovel to do the job yourself, but there are better ways to keep your yard looking beautifully manicured.


By hiring a landscaping professional or even a team of landscapers, the work will get done in record time with the same high quality standards that you insist upon. Once you note all the benefits of a professional yard clean-up job, you may never use a rake again.


  1. 1.What's Included in Yard Clean-up?

    "Your yard’s appearance in the neighborhood is sure to become a source of pride for you, and a source of admiration for your neighbors."

    The services involved in yard clean-up depend on the season. During the spring, the focus of yard clean-up is removing debris that accumulated over the winter, removing mulch and other insulation you placed on your yard, thatching and fertilizing the grass, applying herbicides to prevent weed growth, and performing any pruning tasks that plants require to help them prepare for the growing season. During the fall, the focus of yard clean-up will be taking care of the tasks involved in putting your yard to bed for the winter. This generally includes raking leaves and pine needles and disposing of them, a final mow of the lawn, fertilizing the grass, pulling out a garden or other annual beds, adding mulch or other insulation materials around sensitive plants and shrubs, and performing any fall pruning before winter.

  2. 2.Benefits of Yard Clean-up

    When you can count on your yard looking neat and trim without having to devote every weekend in the spring and in the fall, that’s a major advantage of hiring a landscaping team. A landscaper also has a strong understanding of plants and landscaping to ensure that your yard receives the best care. Your yard’s appearance in the neighborhood is sure to become a source of pride for you, and a source of admiration for your neighbors. Don’t worry about having just the right tool or rake to perform the landscaping tasks when you hire a professional. The landscaping team will bring all the best equipment to make short work of your yard.

  3. 3.Square Footage & Location

    The type of landscape you have and the square footage of the lot are two important factors that make professional yard clean-up a big bonus. If you have an expansive yard with many trees, raking and disposing of leaves will be a significant task for you. If you have a yard with varied and extensive landscaping, requiring work in the spring to clean out the winter muck, and again in the fall to prepare the yard for winter, a professional landscaping team will take this chore off your hands.

  4. 4.Extent of Work Required

    The extent of the work involved in yard clean-up depends on your needs. One yard might need nothing more than leaf-raking and a last mow of the season. Another yard might need involved winterization of flower beds, aerating and mulching the lawn, fertilizing grass and flower beds, placing protection around plants, and then just general yard maintenance to finish off the growing season. The more work your landscape requires, the more you will benefit with a professional landscaper performing the job on your behalf.

  5. 5.Additional Services Included

    Sometimes you might have special needs and circumstances that require additional services. Instead of raking, you might request that a landscaper blow all leaves into a specific area to use them for winter mulch or composting. You might also have lots of nooks and crannies that require hand raking to remove all the leaves and debris. If you have concerns about chemicals, you might request that the landscaping crew use only environmentally-friendly, chemical-free products on your landscape as fertilizer. Check with any professional team you consider hiring to ensure that they offer the special services you require and find out the pricing for these services beforehand..."


    (Image Credit: Flickr/joguldi)