"21 inspiring lawn-free yards


Going lawn-free: Desert front yard facelift

The owners of this Phoenix home replaced their lawn with drought-tolerant grasses, then added young trees and a paved area beside the front door. (Photo by Thomas J. Story)












Low-water curb appeal

A variety of plants with low water requirements replaced the former sterile expanse of rocks covering the front yard of this Oregon home. They are all heat-tolerant and were chosen to provide year-round interest. Pavers take up most of the space where thirsty grass might grow instead. (Photo by Norm Plate)












Succulents replace turf grass


A tapestry of succulents replaced the lawn in this San Diego, CA, front yard.

Designer Kendra Berger of Revive Landscape Design used 5 kinds of aloes, two types of aeonium, Bulbine frutescens, Agave attenuata, and lots of blue Senecio mandraliscae to play off the Moroccan blue of the pots.

She added a new set of pilasters along the stairs—perfect perches for more pots—and faced the risers with blue and white Spanish tiles. (Photo by Sharon Cohoon)






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