"Fall Weed Prevention

The summer is gone and fall is coming, the time when our nights get cooler and our days get shorter. We all love this time of year but we are not alone. Something else loves this time of year and it makes our life miserable, what could it be that could make it so tough you ask? The answer is fall and winter weeds, those nuisance plants that start popping up all over our yards and make our weekends no fun, they love this time of year because they, like all your other plants are now in their growing season. You can take your weekends back and prevent these annoying plants from making extra work for you by using pre-emergent herbicide.  A pre-emergent is a chemical that you use in the spring and the fall that stops weeds from being able to germinate and grow. Like the name implies, you have to get to the weeds before they have a chance to germinate, you cannot use the spray once weeds have already started growing for this you situation you would first have to use a post-emergent herbicide.

So how do pre- emergent herbicides stop weeds from happening in your yard? The way pre-emergent herbicide works is by putting a chemical barrier down over the top of the soil and this chemical barrier does not allow the seeds to germinate above the soil line. In order to reduce the number of weeds or completely eliminate them you have to do this at least twice a year. This is typically done in spring and fall since these are plants growing seasons.  There are many different brands of pre-emergent herbicides on the market and they come in two different delivery methods; granular and liquid. The granular depending on brand is pretty simple; apply the desired amount as per the direction labels on the bag and then water lightly to begin to dissolve the product. This type of product works very well in established flower beds, vegetable gardens and lawns.  The liquid form is also very simple and comes in two different ways, a ready to use (RTU) and a concentrate. The RTU is very simple; you hook it up to hose and spray the application covering the yard, it is usually color coded (typically orange, green or blue) so you can tell where you have sprayed.  This type of application is good in rock or desert landscapes and application time is short and very easy, just remembering never to spray herbicides during windy or extremely hot days. 

Applying a pre-emergent herbicide is an easy way to reduce the amount of time you have to spend working in your yard and will increase the amount of time you can spend enjoying your yard now.  Also keeping your weeds in control is much healthier for the rest of your plants and gardens."