If you are going to be outdoors gardening or working, we have three great and easy tips to stay cooler and keep your skin looking younger.


1.) Wear a long sleeved, light cotton shirt. Sounds weird, right? Why would you want to wear long sleeves when it’s hot outside? Well, lightweight cotton dries quickly and keeps your skin covered which actually keeps it cooler (and prevents sun damage that leads to “old” looking skin).


2.) Wear a hat! Cover up that head. You’d be amazed at how much cooler you feel when your head and the back of your neck is covered.


3.) DRINK WATER. It is summer time, and it is hot. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and getting some sort of electrolytes.

There you have it, three super easy tips to keep you cool and healthy if you’re working outside this summer. Contact us if you want to spend more time by the pool and less time in your yard! And in that case, ditch the shirt and hat and put on the bathing suit and sunscreen!