"What To Do With Your Dead Leaves


This time of year you see a lot of “eco-friendly” gardening advice about dead leaves and I wholeheartedly endorse the bottom line - that it’s crazy 
to send them off to the local landfill, where they take up space and waste all that organic matter.  But the next part of the advice - what to do with them instead - well, that’s where it starts to get complicated but hey, that’s gardening!  Let’s dig in.


On the lawn

Nobody seems to think that whole leaves should be allowed to remain on lawn because they can smother turfgrass.  Many experts suggest instead that we run over them with a lawn mower and let the chopped-up leaves stay there as a source of organic matter and some nutrients for the turfgrass.  That’s great advice and don’t worry - it won’t cause or contribute to a thatch problem.  (Thatch is usually caused by overfertilization with synthetic fertilizers).  Some brand new research proves that chopped leaves not only add organic matter and nutrients – they even suppress weeds!


In the vegetable garden

This situation is a simple one.  Leaves that fall on an emptied vegetable garden can be left in place and then turned under in the spring, after which they’ll decompose quickly, adding organic matter and some nutrients to the soil.


On hard surfaces

For obvious safety purposes, dead leaves should be removed early and often from surfaces people walk on.   And certainly all wood surfaces benefit from having the leaves removed to prevent rotting."


Contact us if you'd rather have someone else fix the dead leaf problem. Have a great day!