"How to Decorate Your Yard on Halloween to Be Scary


  • Buy some fake cobwebs at a store for $1-$4 and stretch it over objects like chairs, gravestones, railings, trees or bushes.


  • Play scary sounding CDs that you can buy at stores for $1-$3 dollars. They add to the mood.


  • If you make gravestones, Add mounds of fertilizer in front to make it look realistic. Add fake rubber arms or feet sticking out like a zombie trying to get out of its grave.


  • Make some spooky portraits and hang them in your house or your haunted house. You can make them by taking a picture of a kid in a mask or print out some ones on grimghosts.com under "the art corridor".


  • Try to buy a cheap fog machine to give a grim affect to your yard."



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