"How to Decorate Your Yard on Halloween to Be Scary

Do you want to have the creepiest house on the block? Make your house the envy of the neighborhood? This article can help you with everything you need to create a commercial-worthy Halloween lawn!


Buy black lights. They are cheap and can add an eerie effect to your yard. Replace the regular bulbs with black bulbs. (Your porch light or garage light.)


Make a dummy. Stuff some old clothes[jeans, sweatshirts, gloves] and a mask and put them in order to look like a zombie with pillows and cloths.


Get some old planks of wood and make them look like gravestones by writing with Sharpie™ markers such things as:

  • "M.T. Koffin,"
  • "Here lies a merry lass who aimed for the brake and hit the gas,"
  • "Izzy Gone,"
  • "Barry M. Deep,"
  • "Al B. Ritebac,"
  • "Justin Tyme," or
  • "Ima Kreep"."


...to be continued...



Contact us if your yard needs to be trimmed and cleaned up before you put all of your spook-worthy decorations up. Happy hump day!