"Fun Facts About Plants


Fact 20

The first potatoes were cultivated in Peru about 7,000 years ago.

Fact 21

Peaches, Pears, apricots, quinces, strawberries, and apples are members of the rose family. So are ornamental species such as spirea, mountain ash, goatsbeard, and ninebark.

Fact 22

Cranberries, Concord grapes, and blueberries are three popular fruits native to North America.

Fact 23

The difference between nectarines and peaches is that nectarines don't have fuzzy skins. You can graft peach branches onto a nectarine tree or nectarine branches onto a peach tree so you have both types of fruits.

Fact 24

The average strawberry has 200 seeds. It's the only fruit that bears its seeds on the outside.

Fact 25

Sulfuric compounds are to blame for cut onions bringing tears to your eyes. According to the National Onion Association, chilling the onion and cutting the root end last reduces the problem."



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