"Stopping those late-season weeds


Weeds, weeds, weeds — the bane of a gardener's existence. And they aren't just a spring and summer annoyance.  Not only do most existing weeds continue to grow through fall, some weeds actually sprout best in autumn’s cooling temperatures.

Winter annual weeds are the most overlooked type of weeds. These germinate in fall, spend winter as young vegetative plants, then shift into prime-growth mode as soon as the weather warms in spring. In warm climates and warming winters elsewhere, some of these continue to grow slowly even in December, January and February. Winter annual weeds die off when hot weather arrives but not before dropping new seed that sits dormant in summer and germinates when weather cools. Examples of weeds that sprout in fall include henbit, deadnettle, common chickweed, prickly lettuce, hairy bittercress, annual bluegrass, cheatgrass, wild mustard, corn speedwell, horseweed or marestail, catchweed bedstraw, shepherd’s purse, and annual sow thistle. Fall-sprouting weeds get started as early as the late summer in warmer parts of the country and continue to germinate from early fall more or less until Thanksgiving. Dandelions and buckhorn plantain are two perennial weeds that also often sprout in fall..."


Contact us if your yard needs some cleaning up and weed removal this fall so you have more time to do the things you want, like enjoying the crisp weather and preparing for the holidays! Have a wonderful Tuesday!