Some people can trample all around in it and not have a reaction, however for most a mean rash will develop. Others have a very severe reaction and have to be hospitalized!

Bobbi Holmes wrote an article, Beware the Scorpion Weed, for Havasu Magazine Blog that describes the weed and some of its effects.

“Beware the Scorpion Weed

It’s a pretty purple flower that grows wild during the springtime. But don’t be tempted to pick this desert blossom. Known as Scorpion Weed, coming in contact with this wildflower can have a similar reaction as touching poison ivy or oak.

When I was a teen, growing up in Havasu, I picked wild flowers during the springtime. I don’t recall avoiding this particular plant. But years later, when we moved back to Havasu, our son broke into a nasty rash after coming in contact with the devious weed.

These days most locals are savvy to the nasty reactions that can occur if one touches the weed. And I know of one situation, where a student brought his poor, unsuspecting teacher a bouquet of Scorpion Weed. The teacher, new to our area, knew nothing of the weed, and ended up getting very ill.

So remember, when the time comes to do a little weeding in your Havasu yard, beware the Scorpion Weed. And please, don’t add them to your spring bouquet!”

Contact us if you would rather someone else handle this pesky plant. We’d be glad to help!