"Five Summer All-Stars




‘Pink Jewel’ Daisy Fleabane
Erigeron speciosus ‘Pink Jewel’
USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 4 to 9
Blooms: June to September
Height x Width: 2 X 2 feet
Flower color: Bright pink with yellow centers
Light requirements: Full sun

The durability of fleabanes reflects their origins in western North America, from the Pacific Northwest down to Mexico. They are truly garden workhorses, blooming from June right through the hot summer into September.

The flowers reach 2 inches across, with prominent centers that change from green to yellow. A profusion of slender ray petals, resembling finely cut fringe, surrounds the centers. The petal color is a bright, striking pink with a hint of blue in the hue.

This plant is tough enough for full, hot sun, but also tolerates light shade. ‘Pink Jewel’ is a true low-maintenance plant, with one caveat: Every couple of years, dig the clumps out in the fall, cut off the spent foliage and flowerstalks, and replant the divisions. This will keep ‘Pink Jewel’ at its peak of flower production and looking daisy fresh.

‘Pink Jewel’ is a first-class border plant. It looks good in front of stone walls, and has a definite place in the sunny perennial garden. The plants hold their flowers atop long stalks that lend themselves tocutting for arrangements in the house.

‘Hidcote’ English Lavender
Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'
USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 5 to 9
Blooms: June to August
Height x Width: 18 X 18 inches
Flower color: Deep blue-purple
Light requirements: Full sun

‘Hidcote’ has a compact form that grows 12 to 18 inches tall. Its slender flower spikes are tipped with a few inches of tightly bunched, dark blue-purple flowers.

Lavender is a tough plant that can withstand dry soil, but too much moisture is its enemy, especially in heavy soils where winters are cold and wet. Plant it where good drainage will keep it from rotting away during the winter months, and go easy on moisture-holding mulches. English lavender endures even the heat of the Deep South—but it is not so long lived there as it is in more temperate regions."



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